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Welcome ! 

We are a small, dedicated,  100 % volunteer cat & kitten rescue in the Nashville, TN area.  

The cats and kittens we are able to help come from many 

different  situations, backgrounds, risks and environments,  but they all arrive with the same hopes and desires -  a place to belong.

Our mission remains to provide a safe, loving foster environment where our feline friends have the opportunity to heal, grow and socialize and gain the quality of life they deserve.   

We believe the right home and family are out there for each of these cats, and so we set about helping them to find it. 

We rely on the help of our community to do what we do:  If you have adopted a pet from us, you helped us help two homeless animals - the one you've taken in, and the one that takes its place in rescue.

If you've referred adopters to Doodlebug Manor,  have made a monetary donation,  or have fostered an animal in need, you've helped ! 

The need to assist homeless, abandoned, feral and 'at risk' cats continues - if you believe in what we do,  please consider contributing to help us by making a donation  to Doodlebug Manor to help with the cost of care for these cats and the many others still to come. 

* Doodlebug Manor is a Non Profit - 501c3 organization - donations to our group are tax deductible!





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                 Donations are our life blood -  and help us to help them !  Please give if you can ...



We are 100% Non Profit and we raise the funds we use to help the cats and kittens that come to us in need.

If  you'd like to help us help them - please send your donation to: 


Doodlebug Manor

PO Box 100644

Nashville, TN  37224 


You can send instant donations securely online via and save the

receipt for tax purposes.




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to access the website and see when the next adoption event will occur in your area !   We are proud to participate and be a part of rallying to the rescue !

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